Backless adela apron style ethically made dress featuring ruffle spaghetti straps and midi look up and coming ethical and eco designer in miami for art basel

Holiday 2019 Collection

Our Approach

Ethically Made / Eco Conscious

As a designer I feel deeply responsible for the positive impact my brand has in the world. After a lot of self-instrospective I decided to re-direct my former business and completely change my approach. 

Today we are proudly manufactured ethically in India, with sustainable or eco conscious materials and free of any plastic in our packaging and shipping.

Read more about us and our approach here, and contact us with any questions and suggestions here. 

Our mentality at Carolina Benoit (formerly Please don't tell) is all about manufacturing ethically, respecting and honoring the people who make our clothes, with eco friendly materials that reduce our carbon emissions

Blog posts

All About Cotton

All About Cotton Genetically Modified Cotton - Although GM Cotton is fairly new and we don't yet understand it's effects fully, we can say that GM cotton in some cases of extremely humid climates has shown significant pesticide reduction (good for the water, the farmers, the soil and us). On the other hand the herbicide tolerant variety known as "roundup ready" which was created by Monsanto has led to a sharp increase in herbicide use. Not only that seed is destroying the soil, and ends up becoming a fiber full of herbicides, Monsanto only allows the seed to be planted once, making the farmers dependent on Monsanto's prices and policies. There have been reports of farmers loosing their lands, and committing massive suicides because the seed destroyed their soil and in turn their lives. The worst part is that even though the seed is more expensive for the farmers, the cotton is sold at the same price to us, the consumers... making them unecesary victims of a coorporation thinking only of profits.

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A Story Behind My Capsule Collection

A Story Behind My Capsule Collection The little capsule collection its a remake of our bestselling pieces re-made in fabrics we though would be perfectly functional and basic, plus easy to wash on the washing machine!

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And So It Ends...

And So It Ends...

It was an amazing summer, full of lazy afternoons and trying to find fun little getaways for my girls. I was constantly surprised by how much kids needs the rest, and even boredom of really doing nothing, to become more creative, to start again. I’m very much refreshed after this...

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