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A Story Behind My Capsule Collection

Hi guys! I hope you like the new look! Can you believe its been a year since I decided to close my store? I do get nostalgic, but everything has worked out perfectly. I feel like it was ages ago that I was running around with two babies and clothing racks, moving the store like maniac to make it happen in 5 days. My days look so much more like I always dreamed: gym, sauna, writing, designing, drawing, then quality time with my babies and being able to cook them a good meal... spending time with my husband and reading... Its a completely different life, but looks so much more like what I always wanted. 

I question myself, specially when criticism comes from outside, and oh man, because of my personality, I get lots of "advice" on what I should do... I hate it, but i'm working on saying these magic words: NO, THANK YOU. The way I realize that i'm in the right path? when I receive my clothing ethically made in India, and I see how beautiful it all came along! I can't stop wearing it, and unlike the clothes I used to sell, which were so disposable after a couple of wears, these pieces are meant to last a lifetime. I LOVE the black linen pants (as shown in the picture) and my cocoon eco denim skirt! 

The little capsule collection its a remake of our bestselling pieces re-made in fabrics we though would be perfectly functional and basic, plus easy to wash on the washing machine! I'm working on getting a photoshoot ready for you guys, and I hope i can make it happen by the end of next week. I'm also happy to say that you'll be able to shop some pieces! As you might now, we are nearly sold out of the cocoon skirt, so get your hands on the pieces you love before we sell out, we make out super limited quantities.

Guys thank you for reading me, for sharing my story, for buying! my brand and all the people behind it thank you with all our heart!