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Morning Rituals


morning rituals

Four years ago my life started to change dramatically; or not my life, but my being. You may or may not know that I suffered great loss and hard experiences during those years and that I had to reconsider my whole experience, to the point that I not only closed my store but also stopped working all together for a while to find myself again and understand what my priorities were.

One of the things that has helped me the most during this transition has been morning rituals. I've found that as a mom I was constantly frustrated because I had no time to create and as an artistic person, that's a source of frustration. That's when I decided I had to start by going really early to bed, 9:30pm is my new bedtime. I wake up at 4-5am every day and start my morning rituals.

1. I recite Modeh Ani. Modeh Ani is a Jewish prayer which thanks God for another day. You don't have to be observant to do this, just the simple act of being grateful first thing in the morning gives you a sense of what's real. I often say that when Naomi got lost at the mall (you can read more about this on my about page) I kept telling God to please take everything away, even my health, as long as I had my daughter back nothing mattered. You can be grateful for so many things. If you can't find anything to be grateful that's ok, but still say thank you.

2. I make a cup of my special coffee: When I worked on my store I was completely negligent of my health and well being. I worked day and night and often didn't have time to eat something in the mornings. Today I'm so happy I give myself the time to eat something healthy most of the time. I love to start the day with my "special coffee". There's nothing really special about it, I make it in a coffee press (this saves water and energy, if you are into sustainability) and I add a teaspoon of Manuka honey, collagen and lions mane OM mushroom. Do something special for your body every morning, it can be your own blend of special coffee, a morning stretch, or even just drinking a glass of water. Your body will thank you.

3. I Journal for an hour:  Now what I'm about to write might seem a little crazy and over the top, but I consider this the best part of my mornings. A full hour of loneliness and silence where I'm one with my journal and just pour my heart out on white paper. I start with a daily prompt, followed by 3 pages of unconscious writing (meaning I just write whatever comes out of my mind) and I finish with some exercises for creativity and a gratitude page. It seems extreme but I enjoy and really love this practice so much!

4. I wake up my kids with a song: Dancing and singing can put you in the best mood! I love singing to my babies when they wake up, even if I'm tired or in a bad mood, helping them wake up with the best energy possible puts us all with the best foot forward. 

5. I step away from my phone: In the past I used to gravitate constantly towards my phone, specially in the mornings... It's the worst way to start the day because as soon as you open Facebook or the news you'll be bombarded with bad news: Global warming, the latest pandemic, the stock market, whatever fight between political parties... Think about it, the first information that comes into your brain is negative, no wonder we all fell disconnected and anxious all the time. I consciously choose to look at my phone later in the day when I'm ready and prepared to solve problems. This helps me to be in a great mood in the mornings and feel more connected to my kids and my husband.

I really hope you implement your own morning routine, it helps when you visualize what you want, do you want a more serene morning? a more active one that starts with exercise? Or perhaps you want to meditate, think about it and make it happen. Start with small changes and slowly you'll see how you'll start to crave those beautiful mornings!