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NYC For A Week

If you know me, you know that I'm not crazy about traveling, is not that I hate the destination, is the fact that I hate getting on a plane, traveling is a big challenge for me. Just the thought of leaving my kids and the whole process creates big waves of anxiety in me. But I always make an effort to get on those planes, and get to places that I love. This year to celebrate my anniversary and the launch of our Resort 2020 collection (Palace of Dreams) I came to NYC.

The first 3 days were a dream... I must confess that for a minute my anxiety completely dissipated and I was so happy with my hubby. We spent some time dinning at our favorite places, walking around the city and even had a super special date, and by special I mean we ordered sushi and stayed in the hotel because OMG it was cold, and this Miami girl is not used to the cold weather anymore. Right now I'm more in a working mood presenting our collection at Brand Assembly (more about this soon) but I'll leave you with a little guide on what to do in NYC if you are on vacation.

My top NYC picks:

1. Mandarin Hotel: If you are looking for some breathtaking views this is it. Splurge a little and have a $25 cocktail at Aviary (or its speakeasy, The Office. Or Splurge even more and have breakfast with a view at Asiate. Ps. believe it or not, don't forget to pack your bathing suit, this hotel has the best indoor pool with a view and is worth dipping your toes in it.

Mandarin Hotel Pool NYC

Coffee at Asiate with a view nyc views breathtaking

2. For ever Cafe Gitane: My favorite restaurant in NYC. There's not one time that I come to NYC and don't eat there at least once. It's my favorite restaurant. Get the Morrocan Cous Cous and a watermelon juice, and definitely don't miss the avocado toast, they were the ones who originally came up with that idea.

Cafe Gitane NYC locals favorite

3. The Ghost Donkey: If you are a fan of mezcal and tequila don't miss this super cute bar with a speakeasy in the back and cute lighting.

4. Ditch Room service and get delivery. I LOVED Rolled With Love Sushi! Specially when it's too cold and you are too tired of keep walking the city this sushi place delivers quickly, fresh and delicious.

5. If you are on a business trip and prefer a more casual hotel, try PUBLIC hotel. When my honey moon was over and I had to start working I moved to the PUBLIC hotel which is closer to the show. I personally LOVED the decor, so many corners to take photos! (definitely not recommended for families, the space can be really tiny and the hotel mostly for young people). What I love the most? This hotel is making a BIG effort to be sustainable and eco friendly.

Public Hotel Recommendations Sustainable hotels

6. A classic NYC bagel at Zuckers, do I need to say more?

MY FAVORITE new york city bagel

7. ABC Carpet & Home: I'm obsessed with home decor because I'm building my house but even when I was not, I was in love with this store which offers as many thingamabops as inspiration for designers & artists alike.

ABC carpet & home

Hope this little guide gives you a bit of inspiration for things to do on your next trip to Manhattan!