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Summer Vacation Plans

During the past 4 years the concept of taking a break for summer seemed completely out of the question. I remember laughing at the French way of taking off for the summer and closing their businesses. One of my fabric providers didn't take payment from me for 3 months because she was on vacation! This to me seemed like a crazy nonsense!

But oh my… I have changed so much since those days. Did you know that you only get 18 summers with our kids? Did you know that Americans only get on average 17.2 vacation days a year? People are becoming vacation-phobic, as mentioned in this Forbes article: here. After much thinking and asking my-self why I didn’t take vacation before, I realized that I had adopted that very workaholic mindset, “vacations are evil!!!” I thought, what’s my dream vacation? answer: going for 3 months to the french riviera with my kids and immersing my self in a French idilic summer with them… and although I won’t be able to go this summer to France, I promised myself I will be taking this summer off, and heading to the beach every day with my kids…

Off course I understand the many of us can’t just take off, my husband for example can’t take 3 months off, but, I think it should become the norm for all of us: long, disconnected and completely relaxed vacations should be the norm for one of the most important nations in the world.