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NYC Brand Assembly Show

We had an amazing week showcasing our new Resort 2020 collection to buyers! It was so exciting to see people reacting and loving our pieces! I'm so proud of manufacturing these pieces ethically, so proud that we are free of plastics both on our clothes and our merchandising (I didn't even print ANY promotional materials, people loved that, surprisingly for me) I'm not going to lie, the future holds a very long road for small designers. We are in an over-saturated industry, people and specially boutiques are not conscious enough because their main focus is to bring sales, and I don't blame them - I'm one of the lucky few who could leave a job simply because it was not fulfilling her life purpose, people depend on this business for a living.


Carolina Benoit from Please DOn't Tell ethically made sustainable label from NYC Brand assembly show

But we MUST, we MUST, we MUST, be more conscious, because the resources are being depleted, because our planet is crying for help, because we face extinction if we don't change our ways. I'm not perfect and still have so much to change, but I can say with Please Don't Tell we are definitely on the right track. When I feel the industry is over saturated, I sit down and I remind myself that even though its true, there are TOO many designers, I'm here to not only create a brand, but also to create a culture of love and respect for the planet, through something that seems so irrelevant, but has such a big impact: fashion.

We are launching our new collection soon, you have a chance to pre-order these pieces at 50% off, same as buyers from boutiques, the only catch: you'll pay and receive the pieces later (in 3 months) that allows us to make only what was purchased, it also allows us to drop any styles that are not successful. Its a way of helping the planet and at the same time growing as designers.

Thank you so much for reading and please leave us your comments. I'm totally in love with this new collection and can't wait to show it to you!